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We Buy Tag Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer Wristwatches Bought & Sold

Do you have a Tag Heuer wristwatch that you no longer use?

We buy all Tag Heuer Watches!
Bundle of cashYour watch could be worth hundreds, or even thousands! Please use the button below to send us your details and a description of your watch including model.
We will contact you back to collect more details so we can discuss it with you and offer you a valuation to buy your watch from you.
We may ask you to post it to us to verify condition, but we'll give you an idea of value before we do so you know what you could expect to receive.
All purchases will be paid direct into your bank account within 7 days of receipt. If, when we receive it we ascertain the condition isn't as you specified and we lower our valuation and you decide not to sell it, we'll post it back to you at our cost.

Send us the details of your Tag Heuer watch

Lend Against Tag Heuer Watches

We lend money against the value of your wristwatch. If you have a watch and need some quick cash for any purpose, but don't want to part with your watch we can lend you money against the value of your wristwatch. Please use the button above and complete the contact form with the details of your watch. We'll contact you back to collect more details and discuss it with you and offer a valuation of the amount we can lend you and the terms of the loan. Depending on the value of your watch we can offer either 28 day terms at 30% interest or 6 months terms at 8%. This will be discussed with you before finalising any agreement.

Sell Watches

We also sell watches. Please phone any of our shops using the phone numbers at the top of this page to enquire about our current stock.