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Street Art: What is it?

Street art used to be known by the name graffiti, but it has become known recently as 'urban' art or 'street' art. It is usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues, but these days it's moved on quite a long way. Urban, graffiti or street artists, (or whatever they're called at any particular time) with exceptional talent are becomming world famous and their urban graffiti works are selling for big money. Some works by the artist Banksy have sold for tens of thousands of pounds, although his popularity is starting to dwindle in favour of new-breed artists with (sometimes) political statements hidden in their art. New-breed artists that are grabbing the current headlines and the collector's interests include Bambi, Schoony, Dran, Mr Brainwash, Tracey Emin and Pure Evil. Artist's works appear all over the world and some even get displayed in private galleries. We have access to genuine and certified limited edition prints for the artists we've listed above (Bambi, Tracey Emin, Mr Brainwash, Dran, Schoony and Pure Evil.)

Click any of the images below to see the page for each urban artist with links and videos about them. If you need to speak to us about any of our urban graffiti street art there is a form below which will come to our specialist direct and she will contact you back to talk to you. From each street artist's page there is a link to our store whereby you can view and buy our available genuine graffiti / urban / street art prints.

Urban Graffiti Street Art For Sale

Contact Debbie Whiston for any street art prints enquiries:

Please use this contact form to contact me directly regarding any street art purchases. I'll contact you back as soon as I can.


Street Art For Sale

Limited Print Street Art For Sale

We have several pieces of original limited edition print street art from the artists listed above including Bambi, Banksy, Mr Brainwash, Dran and Pure Evil. Each of the prints is supplied with Certificate of authenticity and is allocated with a ** of ** marked on each piece and authenticated on the certificate.

Please contact us at the Colchester branch 01206 765344 or 07769 675392 (direct) to enquire regarding any individual piece.