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Buy Used Cars and vans

Quality Cars Bought & Sold

Do you have a car or van with a long MOT you no longer want/need?

Subject to inspection and verification we buy almost any cars or vans that have a long MOT for CASH.
Bundle of cashYour car or van could be worth thousands! Please phone us with the details of your car including make, model and registration number.
We will discuss it with you and offer you a valuation to buy your car or van from you. It could take as little as 24 hours from speaking to us and having CASH in your hand to spend on whatever you like.
Better still, we GUARANTEE to beat ANY 'We buy any car' quote! If you've had a quote from We buy any car and weren't happy with it, come and speak to us - we GUARANTEE to beat it!
Do you need to enquire about selling your car or van for cash out-of-hours?
Please call: 07769 675392 if the shops are shut, but please be reasonable. We like our sleep as well!

Sell Quality Cars and vans

We also sell quality used cars and vans. Please phone any of our shops using the phone numbers at the top of this page to enquire about our current stock.